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We Are Green Business Certified

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Makeup Tips

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Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist

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Foundation Application

What is Mineral Makeup?

What is Mineral Makeup?

What's Special About Mineral Makeup?

What's Special About Mineral Makeup?

8 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

8 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

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  1. Our first polish collection features four modern polish colors packaged in a convenient gift box.
    Pure Anada Aqua Glam nail polish is:
    Water Based & Odorless
    Hypoallerganic & Non-Toxic
    Formaldehyde, toluene and phthalate FREE
    I am glad to see there is water based oderless nailpolish out there. I noticed also that is does not have formaldehyde, toluene or phthalate in them. Good Job! I can hardly wait to try them.
  2. I've been using a facial scrub for years, and just happened to actually look at the ingredients the other day. I will now be using an organic facial scrub because I do not like to use onOrganic Exfoliating Cleanseres that are not good for me or my skin. I don't know why I wasn't aware of these things but I am sure glad I have gotten an education from www.organicskincareonline.ca/ so I know what is best for me.

    Here are some of the ones I have tried and just love. Somehow my body knows when I am using quality organic skin care products. It lets me know by making me feel good about what I am doing and it feel great too. Then treat your skin to a organic day cream or a luxury night cream.

    1. Pure Anada Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser

    2. Olive Oil Salt Scrub

  3. The best way to stop the onset of psoriasis is to build up your immune system in a preventative and natural manner. There are 4 supplements you can take in order to bolster your immunity:

    1. Evening Primrose Oil - this oil has a high amount of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is naturally produced in the body. GLA is a health-giving fatty acid that helps to curb skin disorders like psoriasis. It relieves inflammation, and repairs and improves dry skin conditions. This is probably the most important part of a natural treatment for psoriasis.

    2. Flax Seed Oil - this oil has a high amount of fatty acids which improve skin and nail conditions and reduce inflammation. It also stimulates cellular health and balances the hormones.

    3. Borage Oil - this oil is also rich in GLA and has been proven to reduce skin inflammation, dryness, and itching.

    4. Zinc - this supplement helps the body to heal. It helps the skin grow properly, as well as the hair and nails. This is very crucial for a healthy immune system as most people diagnosed with psoriasis have been found to be deficient in this mineral.

    Has anyone with psoriasis tried these remedies and noticed a significant difference?

  4. Face listing massageAre you unhappy about some pesky lines and bulges on your face but not interested in going under the knife? Check out this really cool video I found, showing you how to do a facial massage that lifts and firms your skin! Using organic products will help your skin be more vibrant and alive too. Toxins will add more of a load to your skin and will evenutally increase signs of aging. See some toners that can really help your skin feel alive and toned.
  5. When the days are hot, nothing feels better than something cool and refreshing to put on your skin. Try this homemade face mister recipe below:Lavender

    4 teaspoons green tea
    1 ounce fresh peppermint leaves
    1 cup lavender
    2 cups of distilled water
    2 teaspoons fresh aloe vera gel

    Mix the green tea, peppermint leaves and lavender flowers together with water. Steep all ingredients for 15 minutes then strain through a cheesecloth.  After 15 minutes, add the aloe gel and pour into a glass jar with a spray nozzle. Spritz on skin during hot summer days.

    This concoction is packed with antioxidants and will help protect your skin. It's best to store it in the refrigerator and spritz liberally on your face and neck throughout hot summer days to cool off.

    *Note: Lavender can be found at most nurseries or health food stores - use the flower on the lavender stem to make the mist

  6. Calendula oil is great for maintaining healthy and glowing skin. Aside from using products that contain this ingredient, you can also make your own quite easily! Just follow this recipe:

    1/2 cup dried calendula petals
    2 cups olive oil
    glass jar with lid
    cheese cloth

    Place the petals and oil in the jar, and stir until the petals are completely coated with the oil. Cover the jar with the cheese cloth, not the lid, for a few hours. After a few hours, take off the cloth and put the lid on. Place the jar near a sunny window for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, strain the oil using the cheese cloth and put back in the jar.

    This oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it wonderful to use as a massage oil, as a salve for cuts and scrapes, to repair sun damaged skin, to soothe the scalp, and to moisturize skin.

  7. Clary sage essential oil is pretty interesting – it works against some powerful issues like depression and menstrual cramps – and quite effectively too. It has an herby, nutty scent that makes it easy to blend with other oils too. Bonus! Clary sage tends to be on the expensive side, but has proven to be worth the cost, as it has been in use for its medicinal purposes since the Middle Ages. Three great uses for this oil:

    1. Calming – This oil promotes relaxation and works well when used in an aromatherapy diffuser during stressful and tense moments. Use it to soothe the nervous tension that can arise from a hard day at work or dealing with a chronic illness
    2. Anit-depressant – Clary sage isn’t useful as a cure-all for depressive emotions, but when used in conjunction with other conventional medications, it has proven to be very effective. It works especially well in lifting the mood of circumstantial depression, such as loss of a loved one or loss of a job. Please consult with your doctor before using
    3. Female tonic – I think any female loves an essential oil that can help us with our monthly cycles. Clary sage eases cramps and menstruation flow, makes cycles more regular, eases the symptoms of menopause, and even relaxes the uterus to help with painful periods and childbirth

    A few words of warning: do not confuse clary sage with regular sage, a different essential oil altogether. Also, clary sage should never be used while drinking, as it tends to exacerbate the effects of alcohol in your system. And while it may ease childbirth, clary sage should never be used during pregnancy. Always consult your doctor before using.

    Has anyone tried clary sage for easing cramps?

  8. Apple cider vinegar has been used for years by people looking for a natural way to cure ailments and other pesky issues. Read on for 5 reasons to incorporate this product into your life:

    1. Joint Health - apple cider vinegar can relieve the pain caused by arthritis. It is able to do this because the cider contains malic acid which combats bacterial infections and dissolves deposits of uric acid which can form around the joints and cause pain.
    2. Weight Loss - No one is really sure why the cider aids weight loss, but it has been used as an effective supplement for years. It is thought that it boosts your metabolism and causes your body to burn a great deal of calories after eating. Simply take 2 tsp of cider before every meal.
    3. Diabetes - apple cider vinegar controls glucose levels in your body. 
    4. Hair Rinse - apple cider vinegar eliminates residual buildup in your hair when combined with water and applied topically. It can also control your scalp's PH levels and get rid of dandruff.
    5. Acne - the vinegar contains alpha-hydroxy acids which eliminate fatty deposits left on the skin and scaly skin conditions. To cure acne, simply pat apple cider vinegar on your face before bedtime and wake up to glowing skin in just a few days.
  9. Frankincense essential oil is popular due to its historical significance of being a gift fit for a king. But it actually is a highly sought after oil because of its many amazing benefits for the skin. Frankincense oil for skin care

    Frankincense is native to Northern Africa and comes from the Olibanum plant. The frankinsence itself originates as sap from the tree, then turns into a gummy resin upon which its medicinal properties are derived.

    When it comes to skin, frankincense is powerful in reducing scars and even preventing them. When paired with a carrier oil, frankincense can reduce the appearance of marks from acne, boils, pox and stretch marks. Pretty much any scar you have on your body can be reduced or disappear thanks to this oil.

    Another benefit is that it keeps skin healthy. When used in face masks, frankincense prevents the formation of wrinkles, smooths out the skin, and provides anti-aging benefits.

    Who has seen these benefits with frankincense?

  10. With summer approaching, there are a lot of things to keep in mind: pool parties, sunscreen, beach time, sunny Saturdays at the lake...Orange mask

    Keep your skin refreshed from the intense summer heat with this rejuvenating face mask. All you need is 5 ingredients!

    1. 4 cucumber slices
    2. 1 tbsp orange juice
    3. 1 strawberry
    4. 1 tsp honey
    5. 1 tbsp fresh cream (substitute with yogurt if you have acne prone skin)

    Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and make a smooth paste. Apply to face and let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. The cucumber, orange, and strawberry freshen the skin, while the cream and honey moisturize. Use this mask once a week to keep your skin glowing and healthy through the summer season.

  11. Aloe vera has been around for thousands of years, and its uses for healing have not since waned. Aloe is a natural and safe method for healing various ailments of the body. It contains a plethora of minerals, vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, enzymes and amino acids.

    3 great uses for aloe include:

    • Treating sunburns - aloe is probably the best gel on the market for soothing the pain from sunburns
    • Treating acne - because aloe has anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce the appearance of acne and help prevent it from returning. It also helps reduce scarring from previous blemishes
    • Treating hair loss and dry scalp - most people don't know this about aloe, but it works really well in preventing dandruff and hair loss. Its powerful enzymes work to moisturize your scalp and eliminate dryness

    Aloe vera truly is an amazing plant. Plus, it is incredibly affordable. Just keep a plant on your back patio and break off a stem as needed. No trip to the drug store necessary! Many of the products on our site contain aloe vera because it is an incredible and natural plant product. 

  12. Essential fatty acids work wonders on your skin. Good skin comes not only from topical application but from eating a balanced diet as well. By incorporating these omega acids into your routine, you can create great skin from the inside out. 

    Omega fatty acids are called essential because your body does not produce them - they must be ingested. Also known as Omega3's and Omega6's, these acids have been proven to:

    • moisturize skin from the inside out - making it smoother and healthier
    • have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin
    • boost concentration and learning
    • help relieve premenstrual and menopausal symptoms in women, as well as help with mood swings

    You can see that these fatty acids have physical and mental benefits for your body. Find high doses of Omega3 in oily fish, like mackerel and tuna, and dark green, leafy vegetables and flax seed oils. Other sources rich in Omega6 are evening primrose oil, borage oil and blackcurrent seed oil.

    Taking fish oil is one of the best things you can do for your health and the bonus is that is really helps your skin too.

  13. If you've never thought about doing anything with an orange other than eating it, think again. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits provide amazing nutrients and benefits for your face. Your body needs the Vitamin C that the fruits contain very high levels of, in order to create collagen fibers. Collagen as you know helps plump up the skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

    Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant which protects our skin from free radicals. Here is a great recipe for a facial mist that you can make at home and use every day:

    • Put 1 cup of water in a large saucepan and bring to a boil
    • Place 1 cup fresh citrus peel in a bowl and pour the hot mixture over the top. Allow the citrus skin freshener to sit until it cools completely
    • Pour the cooled citrus skin freshener through a strainer at least once, and discard the citrus peels. Put the strained citrus skin freshener in a spray bottle
    • Add 3 drops of orange, lemon or lime essential oil, and shake well
    • Use the citrus skin freshener after a shower, and store in fridge

    If you don't want to fuss with home made toners and skin fresheners then see some of the organic toners and skin tonics that are on this website to see the toners available: Organiccomseticsonline.com

  14. Ok. By now I'm sure you're thinking I'm a bit obsessed with coconut oil. Well, you wouldn't be too far from the truth. I'm completely consumed by this amazing elixir! After my second post, I went out and bought a jar (glass, of course) and have already started cooking with it. I can't wait to see a change in my health and well-being as I incorporate this wonderful oil into my life.

    I promise this is my last "benefits of" post about this oil!

    1. Great for kidneys: coconut oil not only dissolves kidney stones, but also helps prevent kidney and gallbladder diseases.

    2. Keeps diabetes under control: coconut oil controls blood sugar and improves the secretion of insulin.

    3. Strengthens bones: coconut oil aids in the absorption of magnesium and calcium, proving to be especially useful to older women suffering from osteoporosis.

    4. Improves teeth: again, because coconut oil facilitates calcium absorption, it leads to stronger teeth and enamel. It also prevents tooth decay.

    5. Resists HIV and cancer: it is believed that coconunt oil has properties that aid in reducing viral susceptibility to HIV and cancer

    Please, go get yourself some coconut oil and watch in amazement as your quality of health improves!

  15. Coconut oil has countless beauty benefits - some of which I've covered. Last post I talked about how great it is for you internally. Continuing with that theme, did you know this oil is a great preventer of illness and immune system booster?

    Coconut oil is able to boost the immune system because it contains antimicrobial lipids, which are antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. Those properties alone eliminate a lot of bad stuff that can be crawling around inside your body. It is especially effective in fighting herpes and influenza.

    Coconut oil is very healing. When it is applied to infections of the skin, it forms a protective barrier against dust, air and bacteria, thus allowing your wounds to heal unencumbered. The oil is also useful with bruises as it heals damaged tissue.

    As far as infections go, there's not a lot that coconut oil can't help with. Here is a tiny list of ailments that this oil is beneficial for: ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and gonorrhea. Coconut oil is also effective on fungi and yeast that cause candidiasis, ringworm and diaper rash.

    Why do you not have a bottle of this amazing elixir yet? Having and using coconut oil is a great step toward organic skin care products to have on hand.

  16. As I promised, here are more coconut oil benefits!

    1. Aids in premature aging AND degenerative diseases because of its antioxidant properties
    2. Aids in weight loss - cha ching! It contains fatty acids that work to reduce weight while aiding digestion. The reason it works so well with weight loss is because it increases the metabolism by taking stress off of the pancreas, which enables people to drop excess weight by burning out more energy. It also helps keep your thyroid and enzymes functioning at healthy levels. You can really see how this develops with people who live in tropical climates and cook with coconut oil on a daily basis. They are rarely sick or obese because of the daily use of the oil.
    3. Coconut oil is useful in treating pancreatitis, which is inflammation or infection of the pancreas.
    4. Aids digestion and helps prevent other gastrointestinal issues like irritable bowel syndrome. The fats in the oil contain anti microbial properties which combat the bacteria and parasites that hinder digestion.

    How can one bottle of oil have so many uses and benefits to the body?!


  17. It seems like nature never stops giving when it comes to healthy and beneficial oils for our bodies. From almond to olive to grapeseed, let's not forget to add coconut oil to the mix as well.

    1. Hair Care

    Coconut oil is very moisturizing and healing, and can be used to penetrate damaged hair strands to provide the proteins needed that your hair may be lacking. If you suffer from dandruff, regularly massaging coconut oil into your scalp will prevent flakes and perpetual dryness.

    2. Skin Care

    Coconut oil is a wonderful massage oil and penetrates the skin deeply, providing long lasting moisture to even the driest of skin. This is a great alternative to mineral oil if you have previously been using that product. Aside from moisturizing, coconut oil is a preventer of wrinkles and various skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

    3. Heart Disease Prevention

    Coconut oil contains a large portion of saturated fats, which is actually good for the heart. These fats contain around 50% of lauric acid, which aids in preventing heart issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. They even work to minimize damage to artery walls, preventing atherosclerosis.

    I encourage you to pop over to your local natural food store and pick up a bottle of virgin coconut oil to experience these benefits. Expect future posts about this oil and what else it can do for your body.

  18. I wrote a couple of blogs in February citing the incredible uses of grapeseed oil and tea tree oil for your skin. Grapeseed oil is incredibly moisturizing while providing anti oxidant benefits, while tea tree oil battles the blemishes and red spots with a punch, yet naturally.

    My skin is incredibly dry. You know that tight feeling you get right after you wash your face? Well, mine usually feels like that even after moisturizing, and at various times throughout the day. It is ALWAYS dry. I don't have serious acne, but I do have lingering red spots and bumps that never seem to disappear. And it's really frustrating. So after I wrote those blogs, what do you think I did? I popped on over my local health food store and got a bottle of grapeseed oil and some Tea Tree essential oil.

    Every night, I would add a few drops of grapeseed oil to my face cream for added moisture. Every other night, I would dab Tea Tree oil on my bumps and red spots. It's been three weeks, and I can already see a SIGNIFICANT difference. It makes me so excited! My face is softer and more moisture balanced than it has ever been before, and the red spots and bumps are disappearing! I can't believe how great my skin looks.

    If you suffer from the same issues as me, I urge you to try these same ingredients. Keep in mind that plant-based ingredients take longer to reveal results, but it is so worth it!!! Good luck!

  19. Hyaluronic Acid is a great ingredient to find in your natural skin care products. This glorious little acid is produced in great quantities in our teenage years, slowly tapering off in our 20's. By the time we hit our 30's, this acid production has virtually stopped. And thus our skin starts to age. This is because the hyaluronic acid is binding, and holds moisture in the skin. When our skin loses moisture, it becomes dull and loses elasticity. 

    Using a cream with hyaluronic acid will not only boost your moisture levels in the skin, but also plump it up so that fine lines and wrinkles disappear. What a wonderful benefit! A cool fact: hyaluronic acid can hold up to one thousand times its weight in water. This is great news for your skin. Because of these plumping properties, the acid also stimulates production of collagen which will firm up your complexion.

    So we have the wrinkle fighting cream. But did you know that hyaluronic acid also aids in fighting inflammation and scar tissue? It's healing properties work hard to heal scars and other lesions that have trouble disappearing as we age.

    For a great anti-aging serum, try the Pure Anada REVIVE - full of hyaluronic acid to fight the pull of gravity on that face of yours.

  20. My skin is uneven. Horribly uneven actually. And I spend a lot of time correcting that issue. You know that there are mineral foundations. But did you know that you can also find skin correctors that are organic as well? It's nice to know that there are mineral ORGANIC cosmetics out there that can help me fix this problem without harming my body or my skin. Check out the ingredients:

    Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Silica, Boron Nitride, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines

    That's it! Safety is in the labels my friends, so always read your labels!!

  21. My last post was a great video on making a natural paste to treat blemishes. I have just been on the EWG site and have listed below the top 5 most toxic products in the acne world. If you have these products in your bathroom, you might want to take a look at the ingredient list and consider switching to something safer.

    1. L'Oreal Pure Zone Pore Unclogging Scrub Cleanser
    2. Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub
    3. Neostrata Daily Acne System
    4. Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray
    5. St. Ives Apricot Radiance Blemish Fighting Cream Cleanser

    Ingredients in all of the above products have been linked to cancer, reproductive failiure, allergies, and organ toxicity. Visit our website for a list of safe skin care products that won't harm your body.

  22. This video gives a great tutorial on mixing a paste of different ground leaves in order to treat blemishes naturally. I've never heard of this recipe before and I can't wait to try it! Let me know if you have used this method before - I'm interested in how well it works.
  23. You moisturize your skin every day, but did you know that there is a proper way to perform this simple task? Even applying lotion in an upward motion makes much more of a difference than just rubbing it on any way you please. Watch this video on the proper technique for moisturizing your skin. Come back to http://organicskincareonline.ca to find the very best in organic skin care products.
  24. Shea butter comes from the nut of the Karite tree found Organic Shea Buttergrowing only in Africa. This butter is a natural wonder - it is the only natural substance that can increase the elasticity of your skin. We lose elasticity as we age, get skin damage, or lose weight.

    It is also a great way to add moisture to skin by making it part of your nighttime skin cleansing routine. Makeup dissolves quite easily with this butter. Simply rub a dollop onto your skin, and your body heat will melt the butter. Tissue off the makeup. Massage a bit more butter onto your face then press a warm, moistened washcloth to your skin. The heat activates the anti-microbial properties and infuses into your skin! What a cool, multi-purpose product.

    Other uses:

    -condidtion lips
    -treat scars
    -treat eczema, rashes, and burns
    -skin moisturizer after shower

    So many purposes in one little tin! 

  25. Let's talk feet. It may not be the most pleasant of subjects, but let's face it - they aren't going anywhere. So we might as well treat them right, right? Listen, I'm a busy woman too. It's a rare moment when I actually get to pamper myself and apply a face mask, let alone give tender attention to my feet. But while I'm religious about slathering cream on my body, my poor feet remain dry, cracked, and calloused. That is no way for them to live.

    For me, the best foot cream combines heavy moisturizers (like shea butter) with a calming scent (like peppermint oil) which will soothe my feet, and me, before bed. I would recommend getting a good pumice stone to use first, in order to get all that dead skin to flake off. Then coat your puppies in a decadent softening cream and wake up to beautiful feet as soft as clouds!

  26. Acne, whether mild or severe, plagues every woman. I know that every time I look in the mirror I wish those red spots would disapper and that the scars would diminish. But what's a girl to do? Since I don't want to buy a chemically-infused cream at the drugstore, I explored what other options there are. And thus discovered tea tree oil. This site specialized in Equine supplements but the tea tree oil is a good price and is of course 100% pure.

    Tea tree oil seems to be quite the glorious little essential oil. It has antiseptic and antifungal properties that are great weapons against acne. Because of this bacteria-killing power, it reduces your chance of acne reoccuring as well. Use a Q-tip to apply on old scars directly, mix 2-3 drops with Vitamin E oil to combat redness, or apply directly to spots on the skin before going to bed.

    Be consistent with this as it will take up to a few weeks to see any results. Let me know how it goes for you!

  27. Organic blueberriesBlueberries are one powerful little superfood. Packed with antioxidants and age fighting power, you'd be crazy not to integrate these little blue babies into your diet. Grab a handful daily and fight off those awful wrinkles that you stare at 5 times a day.

    Blueberries are noted for reducing scarring from wounds and burns, and giving your skin a revitalizing lift. But what is so great about this fruit is that it can be used internally or externally. If you need to get your fruit servings in AND want a little cancer fighting power, well you have the perfect fruit for it. Suffering from redness or scarring on your face? Mash up some blueberries and apply the poultice directly to your face.

    Here's a great recipe for getting rid of scarring or redness:

    You’ll need:

    • Half cup of plain oatmeal
    • ¼ ounce olive (or jojoba, or sweet almond) oil
    • 10 – 15 blueberries


    1. Grind oatmeal finely
    2. Mash blueberries into a paste
    3. Combine oatmeal, blueberry paste, and oil into a bowl
    4. Apply to face and allow it to sit 10 – 15 minutes
    5. Rinse face and apply normal moisturizer
    Start adding blueberries to your weekly diet and skin care regimen for a refreshing transformation.
  28. I'm sure almost everyone has heard of parabens at one time or another. They have been used for years by the beauty industry as a preservative for their products. In fact, as far back as the 1950's is when parabens were starting to be used to prevent bacteria growth.

    Nowadays, as people are becoming more organically aware, they are demanding that unnatural substances such as parabens be removed from the products they use. We still havContact Dermatitise a long way to go - parabens are in around 85% of cosmetics. In it's place, companies are starting to incorporate darker bottles, grapefruit seed extract and oil-based formulas to curtail bacteria in an organic manner.

    What's the problem with parabens? A study was conducted in the 1990's that proved them to be xenoestrogens - which means that the chemical acts as an estrogen imitator in your body. Excesses of estrogen have been linked to breast cancer, tumors and reproductive failures. The opposing side of the argument says that parabens have very little effect on overall health and have weak estrogenic effects. But one side effect of parabens can be contact dermatitis as in this picture. People would just think they are breaking out and not even realize that the creams they are using are causing this problem.

    So where does this leave us, the consumer? We have one side saying yes; the other saying no. It may be impossible to avoid parabens completely, but the best way to start would be with your body cream. Since body lotions cover the widest area of skin, absorption levels are very high. We don't know what the solid truth is yet, but at least modifying your body cream should make you rest a bit easier.

    Click here for a great reference of organic products.

  29. I'm not much of a foundation junkie. I know I should be, as it makes my complexion look stunning, but I just haven't managed to make it part of my daily makeup routine.
    Call it lazinePure anada foundationss or indifference, but it's the truth. Hand in hand with that goes finishing powder. What? Why do I need finishing powder AND foundation? So here is a little of what I found:

    -it prolongs the wear of makeup
    -it protects the skin
    -controls sebum production
    -visibly reduces pores, lines, and imperfections

    Okay. I can get on that bandwagon. I mean, who doesn't want their imperfections reduced?? Pure Anada offers a great product, and they also claim that it's a great substitute when you're looking for the benefits of minerals but without the heavy coverage that foundation provides. Perhaps that is just what I need.


  30. With so many products out there, it's easy to get lost in the sea of options available. Neutral womenUse this cream BEFORE makeup, use this product only AFTER makeup, use this cream mid-day, etc... Why don't we just talk about the basics?

    Night cream is essential for several reasons. Your skin repairs itself during your sleep from the harmful substances it was exposed to during the day. The right night cream gives your skin the help it needs in order to do this. It is important for your face to be clean and pores open so your night cream can work to its fullest power with your face.

    It's best to find a cream with regenerative oils that coax your skin back to its more youthful look. Other bonuses to these kinds of creams are that it provides a protective barrier while you sleep and prevents water loss from your skin. Night creams improve the quality of your skin by fortifying it with the nutrients lost throughout the day. It is especially important as you age, since skin loses elasticity and moisture.

    For best results, look for organic night creams with avocado and almond oils. Anything with aromatherapy (rosemary/lavender) is just an added bonus!

  31. Pure Anada Green Tea and grapeseed lotionDon't we all just love our antioxidants?! Sending them out there to fight those aging free radicals that love to terrorize my skin is one of my greatest thrills.

    Our Pure Anada Green Tea & Grapeseed Hydra Lotion will prove to be a powerful tool for your face. Grapeseed oil has been used for centuries by the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians. They recognized its healing properties long before we did, and now we follow in their footsteps. The oil is a natural astringent which will tighten your pores and firm up your skin. Combine that with soothing cucumber and antiseptic green tea, and you have quite the concoction for protecting yourself against the elements.

    Apply to skin after cleansing and toning for a scrubbed, fresh look. Grab yours here!

  32. It's important to remember that essential Jasmine Essential Oiloil fragrances are derived directly from the plant or flower from which they come, whereas your commercially marketed perfumes are composed of various chemicals and additives. Since the fragrance is absorbed by the skin, it is wise to only use natural products instead of harmful artificial substances, which can invade your body and wreak havoc on your well-being. Our essential oil products will deliver the purity that you are looking for.

    The main note in Le Voyage is Jasmine, which is noted for its sedative effects on the nervous system. Jasmine is great for calming the nerves and relaxing your muscles. This is the added benefit of aromatherapy. You not only smell delicious, but you are doing great things for your body as well!

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page here and check out our gift set offering. A perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone you wish to pamper!
  33. A basic lesson on how to apply Pure Anada loose mineral foundation.
  34. Simply smooth your complexion
  35. Impart a healthy glow to your cheeks.
  36. Naturally Defined Brows
  37. How to apply loose mineral eye color.
  38. Line your eyes with loose minerals: wet or dry!
  39. Find out why people love mineral cosmetics.

  40. Mineral cosmetics are recommended by Cosmetologists and beauty experts because minerals don't block the skin pores. On the contrary they benefit the skin and give the user a natural healthy glow. The skin needs to breathe just like we do and when studying Chinese Medicine I realized how the skin is an extension of the lungs therefore keeping the skin free of debris and toxins become an issue of health, as well as beauty.


    Mineral makeup, eye shadow and foundation are the mainstay of my cosmetic bag.  Minerals do not fade, crease, and can handle moisture like rain or perspiration. They are the best choice for all day use and for those special occasions where you don’t want to have to do touch ups. You can trust minerals to stay put. I suspect that when I see great looking skin on actors and TV personalities that they are using minerals because their cosmeticians understand the benefits of lighter, easy to remove makeup that works great under the lights and heat these personalities must endure, day after day.


    You will find when researching drug store cosmetics and body care products that mineral oil and petroleum are the key ingredients of many lotions, soaps, baby oil, Vaseline, and many of the baby skin care items. Mineral oil is not beneficial to the skin or body because it is fossil fuel that can block pores, stop the skin from breathing and releasing debris. In addition these oils are absorbed by the skin, passed down the intestinal tract and absorb fat soluble vitamins from the body. Note that we are not talking about mineral oil when we talk about mineral cosmetics. Dry powder foundation, eye shadow and blush are in fact beneficial to the skin and body.


    Nature has a bounty of beneficial herbs, botanicals and oils that can be used to benefit the skin and body. There has never been a better time to use organic products as we watch our bodies and environment struggle against the toxic load we are heaping on ourselves and our earth. We are a microcosm of our earth and we all know the changes the earth is displaying as a signal to let us know something must change. She can no longer endure this seeming endless on slot of abuse we heap on her. Also we are seeing more incidences of disorders caused by toxins we ingest. Now is the time to look after your skin and body to gain or sustain your health, as well as, our mother earths.

    Why Use Mineral Makeup?
    • 100% pure mineral base makeup is beneficial for your skin.
    • Oil free so skin can breathe, prevents potential bacteria.
    • Talc free prevents use of known carcinogens.
    • Chemical preservatives free of paraben or synthetic fragrances, fillers, or chemical dyes which irritate the skin.
    • Natural light reflector mica gives the skin a youthful and healthy glow.
    • Organic ingredients reduce the chance of allergy risk.
    • Organic sun screen SPF 30 contains zinc oxide which is a natural sun screen.
    • Broad color choices for every wardrobe and occasion – get creative.
    • Highly water resistant because titanium dioxide and zinc oxide repels water!
    • No Animal Testing
    • Recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, they can be applied after laser or peel. The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are anti-inflammatories that sooth the skin.


    Sandie Hardman

    Natural Health Consultant

  41. I have to say, I am impressed with Canada's move to eliminate some chemicals from makeup and skincare. I see this article on your website and I am glad you are getting the word out there. Hope lots of people are reading it, so they can be better informed. Thanks and keep up the Green work.
  42. I was asked about the term Organic. Some companies have put names on their products like Natural, New organics, or put the name organic into their company name. Not because their product IS organic but as a way to fool the public into thinking they are buying a healthy product, when in fact it can mean anything but organic. Consumers are getting label savvy and we want organic - if not certified organic - to be up front and center. There are regulatory bodies who certify companies that go the extra mile to create products that can be certified organic, kosher or fair trade and the price of this quality is reflected in the price of course.

    If a products is 95% organic then it can be called "certified organic" and we can usually be certain that we are buying quality. Many products and marketers are realizing that the consumer is now looking for organic skin care, body care and food and beverages to insure we are using products that support health. The rise in dis-ease and various illnesses is coincidentally in direct proportion to the amount of drugs we have created and are using for food and cosmetics. Don't get me started on the earth's water issue......
  43. Many of you have heard all the debate about lipstick being toxic. Does it contain too much lead - I wonder how much that is? How are they coloring lipstick and what do they use for this? Beetles?? Are animals right activist upset about the beetles being ground up for the really red lipstick? Can you still call that vegan cosmetics? Are we just being way too radical or do the pounds of lipstick we eat in a lifetime really make a difference to our livers? As the debate rages on, my question to you is "Will we ever get the straight goods on lipstick and cosmetics?"

    Probably not! L'Oreal, Mac, Christian Dior are not about to confess they have been feeding us chemicals for years that may have long term side effects. By the time we prove it - well, it's all over isn't it? They stand by their statements such as "we are confident our products are within safe limits" - even as they modify their formulas.

    Yikes, let me outta here! So we are all too darn busy to weed through the data and I don't trust we can get good information from anyone who has a vested interested in profits. Now for the solution. Just buy organic or natural lipstick and lip gloss without the chemicals and life is good again. Go here now http://www.organiccosmeticsonline.com for the USA http://www.organicskincareonline.ca for Canada, order some lipstick or gloss.

    Once you get your product you can forget about the fuss and controversy. Just get on with life and love your new lips. Your body will love you in return.